The two caskets

Once a hermit came to a raucous, quarrelsome household, bringing two caskets. He put them carefully in a corner and said, “One of these contains a healing remedy, but the other is full of a most deadly poison. Watch over them until I return, but remember that the slightest noise can provoke terrible destruction.” The hermit left, and thereafter peace and quiet ruled the household. I ask, Because of which casket did this family transform itself? With a knowledge of human nature one can easily answer. The very same fears exist today. 
      The end of this story is that when the others were away, a little child opened both caskets and found them empty. But, also out of fear, the child did not speak of his discovery. However, do not come to any premature conclusions about this story; it is possible that the child failed to see something that was of great importance. Thus science should fearlessly investigate the unseen.