Welcome visitor! We are a small group of individuals, friends, that meet occasionally to talk about things, but also to just be together. We often discuss things related to science, philosophy and the science of self-improvement. We use our minds, dialectics and silence as a way to understand and illuminate ancient teachings (philosophical and others) as well as modern scientific concepts and ideas. We are like 'hunters', in a way, in the area of abstract thoughts and ideas, 'stalking' our 'prey' which is ideas and real knowledge. Who is stalking whom, only time will tell! This site is used as the outlet where we present some of our findings and some of the questions we have. We are sowing the seeds of this work but we hope that others are going to join so that at the end this becomes a place of collaborative effort. We intend to provide a feedback mechanism where your contributions, thoughts and ideas can be recorded, integrated and archived. Let us bring forward the vision of future and let's become the co-creators of a new world. Multiverse-mind.net aspires to be such a bridge to the future together with many thinkers and co-workers. All the well-disposed friends are welcome to join.