New Science

The impact of modern Science in life through its countless technological advances is given. But behind the applied science, especially inside the inner world of basic sciences and research, there is an emerging picture, a set of ideas, about the nature of reality, the emergence of reality and our place in it. We will try to present here some of the most inspiring and lifting scientific ideas presented to the non-expert.

But besides the discovery of the laws of nature and the new ideas, science is called to play yet another role in today's world. It is called to study and determine the degree that modern life impacts the environment whether this is the depletion of the Ozone layer, the global warming or the human intervention in natural processes [GMOs etc]. Many of these issues are ethical and go beyond science but the least science can do is to try to objectively map and understand the complex network of human influences on the environment; on Earth of above it.

Some of the greater environmental issues are covered in our section on Environment. Some issues about ethics are, indirectly, presented in our sections on Humanity and New Era Teachings.