The three worlds


A Sadhu pointed to a mango fruit, saying— "Here are three worlds: first the skin, which has no value; next the pulp, transitory yet nourishing; and finally the seed, which can be preserved unto eternity." The skin is thin, the fleshy pulp is more essential, but mighty is the seed. The egg, too, presents an analogy. The shell; the transitory manifestation of the white, which is nourishing but not for long; and finally the fiery yolk. Man represents the synthesis of all the kingdoms, yet the symbol of the three worlds is everywhere evident. Thus the custom of exchanging colored eggs on a commemorative day is a most ancient symbol. People have wished to remind each other about the path of the three worlds, about the path of ascent and resurrection. Thus, let us not forget that path has been marked out even on simple objects. M.