Parable of Buddha - Think faster and return quicker!


A shepherd beheld a man seated in meditation beneath a tree. Seating himself beside the man, he tried in emulation of him also to think. He began to count his sheep and mentally to figure out the profit from the sale of the wool. Both sat silent.
Finally the shepherd said: "Lord, of what art thou thinking?"
"Of God," answered the man.
The shepherd asked: "Dost thou know of what I was thinking?"
"Also of God."
"Thou art mistaken. I thought of the profit from the sale of my wool."
"Verily, also of God. My God has nothing to barter, but thy God must first go to the market. Perhaps on the way He may meet a robber who will help Him to return to this tree."

Thus spoke Gotama: "Go to the bazaar. Think faster in order to return quicker!" M.