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The Vacuous Space of the Being
« on: August 31, 2016, 10:05:42 AM »
A friend of mine, Mrs. M. A. narrated the following dream to me: "I was standing in my living room and looked at the floor. I bent over and started to dig the floor; at that moment I was seeing it as earthen. From the opening hole, I was taking some things that were in a wooden box or carton. These things were familiar to me; toys and other objects from my childhood. Among them it was a ring with a stone. As I was rummaging those things, the ring slipped out of my hands and I began to search among the things to find it. Finally I found it, but he lacked the small stone, which I was not able to find. From the kitchen came in my mother (dead) and I called her to see those hidden things. But at that time the hole in the floor with all strange things lost and the floor was now normal as before."
My friend tried to understand the meaning of her dream and made the following comments: "I did meditate on the meaning of the dream and thought that the ring as a circle represents the causal body which is the well-known 12petals lotus and the stone is the jewel in the center of egoic lotus. And I remembered the mantra: Om Manny padme hum, ie "Om, the jewel in the lotus!" In that state of meditation I felt that my inner being was like a vacuum where I could not find a center or an ego. As I was feeling this, the emptiness of my being transformed into a vast and dark space with a blue indigo colour, like the nightly sky. There I had not the sense of something, like a self or an ego. If there is indeed a stone (the symbol of the self), at that time it had disappeared."