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A Death Experience
« on: April 05, 2015, 12:22:15 PM »
4/4/2015 around 11am [Full Moon with Moon Eclipse as I realized later]

I was sitting on the couch dozing off, i.e. finding myself in a state of being aware but semi-dreaming and detached from the senses and the environment. After being in that state for some time I 'lived' death, the process, the fact of death [its ontological aspect]. I had several encounters with similar experiences of death in the past, some of them in dreaming, but this was the most vivid and strange of all of them. The strange thing is that I was 'living' and at the same time observing 'myself' dying. I was, simultaneously, a detached observer but also the terrified 'person' that was going through the process of realization, living its total annihilation. I am trying to describe a sense that is impossible to describe and actually during the experience I had a clear sense of how superficial are our normal-state thoughts and analyses about death...I realized that there is no way to think about or mentally approach death from our normal 'living' state, one has to live it. I know this whole 'experience' sounds controversial but this is what I can do with words here. The main characteristic of this experience was the infinite depth of terror the dying 'person' in me felt and the simultaneous presence of an observer. Maybe I was in an energetically unfavorable position, so my consciousness 'drifted' in a position where terror and death exist...maybe, but in any case it still remains some sort of experience beyond the ordinary.
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