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Dreams / The Vacuous Space of the Being
« Last post by Taliesin on August 31, 2016, 10:05:42 AM »
A friend of mine, Mrs. M. A. narrated the following dream to me: "I was standing in my living room and looked at the floor. I bent over and started to dig the floor; at that moment I was seeing it as earthen. From the opening hole, I was taking some things that were in a wooden box or carton. These things were familiar to me; toys and other objects from my childhood. Among them it was a ring with a stone. As I was rummaging those things, the ring slipped out of my hands and I began to search among the things to find it. Finally I found it, but he lacked the small stone, which I was not able to find. From the kitchen came in my mother (dead) and I called her to see those hidden things. But at that time the hole in the floor with all strange things lost and the floor was now normal as before."
My friend tried to understand the meaning of her dream and made the following comments: "I did meditate on the meaning of the dream and thought that the ring as a circle represents the causal body which is the well-known 12petals lotus and the stone is the jewel in the center of egoic lotus. And I remembered the mantra: Om Manny padme hum, ie "Om, the jewel in the lotus!" In that state of meditation I felt that my inner being was like a vacuum where I could not find a center or an ego. As I was feeling this, the emptiness of my being transformed into a vast and dark space with a blue indigo colour, like the nightly sky. There I had not the sense of something, like a self or an ego. If there is indeed a stone (the symbol of the self), at that time it had disappeared."
Dreams / The Puzzle of Pythagoras
« Last post by Taliesin on August 19, 2015, 08:56:32 AM »
  I dreamt that I was walking through a barren land. There were only thorns and weeds dried by sun. The land nevertheless was crammed with small and big snakes. I was not frightened of these. At that time I saw a dragon or a big snake having a circular form descending from the sky. This strange serpent was separated into parts like the different signs of zodiac. One of these parts was detached from the rest of the body and started descending slowly toward the land. Suddenly I realized that I was this single part. I was descended, but after a long, or short, time I would return and join again to the dragon. The name of this dragon was Pythagoras.
Dreams / Carl Jung's Dream of Holy Grail
« Last post by Hermes on May 27, 2015, 12:39:16 PM »
I would like to post a dream that Carl Jung had in India when he was well over 60, which illustrates better than anything his profound connection with the myth of the Grail. In his own words, the dream runs as follows:

   I found myself, with a large number of my Zurich friends and acquaintances, on an unknown island, presumably situated not far off the coast of southern England. It was small and almost uninhabited. The island was narrow, a strip of land about twenty miles long, running in a north-south direction. On the rocky coast at the southern end of the island was a medieval castle. We stood in its courtyard, a group of sightseeing tourists. Before us rose an imposing belfroi, through whose gate a wide stone staircase was visible. We could just manage to see that it terminated above in a columned hall. This hall was dimly illuminated by candlelight. I understood that this was the castle of the Grail, and that this evening there would be a ‘celebration of the Grail’ here. This information seemed to me of a secret character, for a German professor among us, who strikingly resembled old Mommsen, and was impressed by his learning and sparkling intelligence. Only one thing disturbed me: he spoke constantly about a dead past and lectured very learnedly on the relationship of the British to the French sources of the Grail story. Apparently he was not conscious of the meaning of the legend, not of its living presentness, whereas I was intensely aware of both. Also, he did not seem to perceive our immediate, actual surroundings, for he behaved as though he were in a classroom, lecturing to his students. In vain I tried to call his attention to the peculiarity of the situation. He did not see the stairs or the festive glow in the hall.
I looked around somewhat helplessly, and discovered that I was standing by the wall of a tall castle; the lower portion of the wall was covered by a kind of trellis, not made of the usual wood, but of black iron artfully formed into a grapevine complete with leaves, twining tendrils, and grapes. At intervals of six feet on the horizontal branches were tiny houses, likewise of iron, like birdhouses. Suddenly I saw a movement in the foliage; at first it seemed to be that of a mouse, but then I saw distinctly a tiny, iron, hooded gnome, a cucullatus, scurrying from one little house to the next [Note: Gnome is a mythic elf-like creature, which lives under the earth. In the Western occultism gnomes are regarded as the spirits of the element Earth]. ‘Well’, I exclaimed in astonishment to the professor, “now look at that will you…’
At that moment a hiatus occurred, and the dream changed. We – the same company as before, but without the professor – were outside the castle, in a treeless, rocky landscape. I knew that something had to happen, for the Grail was not yet in the castle and still had to be celebrated thw same evening. It was said to be in the northern part of the island, hidden in a small, uninhabited house, the only house northwards.
After several hours of strenuous hiking, we reached the narrowed part of the island, and I discovered that the island was actually divided into two halves by an arm of the sea. At the smallest part of this strait the width of the water was about a hundred yards. The sun had set, and night descended. Wearily, we camped on the ground. The region was unpopulated and desolate; far and wide there was not a tree of shrub, nothing but grass and rocks. There was no bridge, no boat. It was very cold; my companions fell sleep, one after the other. I considered what could be done and came to the conclusion that I alone must swim across the channel and fetch the Grail. I took off my clothes. At that point I awoke.

From the book of Carl Jung, Dreams and Reflections, pp. 310ff.
Dreams / A dream “Russian nesting dolls”
« Last post by Agrambeli on May 08, 2015, 10:28:51 AM »
I had a strange dream, or rather a re-occurring awakening within a dream. I am asleep and I ‘wake up’. I get up and I try to switch on the lights but the light switch cannot turn on, my hand is not able to press it. At that moment I ‘realize’ that I am asleep and not really awake. Then I fall asleep again and again I ‘wake up’. I try again to turn on the lights but cannot. Then I ‘remember’ that I just did the same thing a minute ago, I remember that I woke up before in the same dream. I fall asleep for a third time and for a third time I wake up and try to turn on the lights without success. I understand again that I am still asleep and also remember the two previous cycles of the same dream. It felt like ‘matryoshka’, the nested Russian dolls that one is inside another…one dream inside another, three different levels in the same dream. I wonder how many levels there could be there, infinite?
The part of the dream where I am in a dark place and I try to turn on the lights, without success, either because I can’t find the switch or I can’t turn it on, is something that I am encounterινγ many times in my dreams and it is the element, the moment, when Ι instantly realize that I am not awake but still asleep. This particular part I will not call…’lucid dreaming’!
Dreams / In dreams we do not have an internal dialog
« Last post by Hermes on May 07, 2015, 07:48:30 PM »
2013: This morning, while awakening from sleep, a thought [or rather a realization] struck my mind [due to a dream I just had]...that in dreams we do not have the usual internal dialog, the endless internal chat of the mind. We do have thoughts, we thing about the situation but we do not have the internal dialog to distract and divert our attention to other things. It seems that the observer's attention is fully devoted to the situation at hand. This probably has to do with the nature of the dreaming consciousness and the state of the 'mind' in dreams. Maybe this focus of the attention is also the 'opportunity' of lucid dreaming for deep spiritual experiences....who really knows?
Dreams / A dream with a sword
« Last post by Hermes on May 07, 2015, 07:39:23 PM »
January 2013: Today [Thursday] around 1am I suddenly jumped out of bed...the only thing that I remember is a man [warrior] in a uniform holding a sword and while I was lying down piercing me with it in the area on my left side and around the spleen...this made me come out of sleep suddenly uttering [semi-loudly] a word that I do not recall and I sat on the bed. The warrior and the sword were surrounded by light and the fiery sword pierced me but without feeling any pain...the general environment of this event was not characterized by fear of any negative feelings [since I went back to sleep] but that fact that everything happen see the man on top of me piercing me with the fiery sword.
Dreams / Re: A spring dream
« Last post by Upasaka on May 03, 2015, 09:53:31 PM »
A truly exceptional experience. I have dreamed in the past myself flying, most of the times low, near the ground flights, but this one combines a lot of diverse esoteric elements. Please share more with us.
FAQ / Introductory remarks
« Last post by Hermes on April 30, 2015, 07:24:21 PM »
In this brief introduction to this part of the forum we take a fresh look at the old art and science of Western Astrology and the challenges it faces in modern times, the era of scientific methodology and the emergence of plethora of planetary and solar data from the booming space exploration programs.

Many people know how to interpret and understand an astrology chart; what the houses mean, the aspects of the planets and their position in the signs. Fewer people wonder how/why things work the way they do and even fewer know the real answers. Yet, it doesn't take much study to realize that astrology, this god-less and holistic approach to inter-influencing energy exchanges between man and the cosmos has something to offer, that there is something true in it, thus its popularity and wide use. Astrology was once completely integrated with astronomy and great scientists like Ptolemy and Newton were studying astronomy and practicing astrology in a unified manner. Today astrology has been divorced from science and it has become a column in a newspaper, a magazine or the subject of discussion between prospect lovers in a bar, discussing their sign compatibility!

In the mean time and after this 'divorce', space exploration keeps unveiling new secrets about our Solar system and the Cosmos. Numerous missions and probes send back to us an enormous amount of detailed data about radio emissions, the composition, structure and properties of the bodies in the solar system and its environment. Since the official link of astrology with science has been cut off only a small amount of feedback to the methods of astrology happened. For example, we are aware of some modern astrologers using dwarf objects like Chiron in the Solar system in their interpretations but the actual value of these attempts has to be evaluated with further study. We are also aware of a shifting and increasing realization of the role of the Sun and its emissions in the study of the foundations of astrology, e.g. the work of Rudhyar, but we need more. More study and reflection on the foundations of astrology is needed using modern tools and more work on the reconciliation between astrology and astronomy by integrating the new information that is available now into the foundations of astrology. Astronomy would benefit by this too, since astrology might provide a chart of meaning and purpose to it.

Simply put astrology can be considered to be a dynamic interaction of energies [signs, Sun, planets] according to the laws of harmony reflected in their position [e.g. houses] or aspects [geometry]. Below we list some of the areas that further development is needed:

1) Energies and Meaning of the Signs and their relation to the corresponding constellations.

How is it possible that so weak energies can have an actual influence?
What is the nature of these energies? Is it just physical or also subtle? How the latter is manifested in an horoscope?
Can we [and how] identify it?

2) What is the relation of a conventional astrological 'sign' and the Sun-Earth relation or the background constellations?

3) What the current data tell us about the existing energy sources active within the domain of each sign?

4) What are the emissions and the role of the Sun in astrology, exactly?

5) What are the full radio-emissions of the planets, not only in the optical spectrum?

6) How the geometry [position, aspects] influences the mixing of the energies of the 'interacting' objects?

7) What is the role of constellations and energy sources in general that lie outside the Solar plane? A true 3D astrology.

Finally, what would be the appropriate progression [house etc] when moving from an individual to Humanity, Earth and Solar nativities?
Dreams / A spring dream
« Last post by Philolaos on April 28, 2015, 01:52:32 PM »
I made a strenuous attempt to climb on the top of a mountain. I thought that in order to succeed, I must escape from the 'lower' part of myself. Finally I climbed to the top and a vast space opened before me. There were no boundaries. I projected a part of myself and I was flying with it. For a moment I thought that I might fall, but I said: "I do not care if I shall fall." So I felt confidence. Then the following stanzas welled up from my heart:
              Build a Bridge
              throughout in the vast space.
              Build a bridge
              with seven arches.
I wonder if these verses meant the Rainbow Bridge mentioned in some oriental teachings.
When I woke up I connected the dream with some recurring dreams that I saw in the past where I was climbing a ladder, which suddenly ended at some point and I was staying afloat in mid-air!
Dreams / Re: A case of Lucid dreaming
« Last post by Panareti on April 11, 2015, 09:31:18 AM »
A great experience! I think that it is not a simple dream, but a true psychic experience.
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